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The Truth Hurts When You're Dead
What's funnier than zombies? How about zombies in denial. Dean is in denial of his new status as a zombie, and it's up to his friend Stanley to tell him the truth. But the truth hurts when you're dead. Can Stanley and Dean's friendship survive now that Dean is a zombie? Can Stanley survive now that Dean is a zombie? Find out in this funny short story about zombies and friendship.
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Turned into a zombie T-shirts
I don't know how to tell you this ... you've been turned into a zombie

What zombies do T-shirts
It's not his fault that he wants to kill everyone and eat their flesh ... that's just what zombies do

Friends with a zombie T-shirts
I don't think I can be friends with a zombie ... I might have to kill you

Your puny little brain T-shirts
Your puny little brain? What would I want to eat that for?

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