Are We Nowhere?

Where are we?


I know we can't be Nowhere
Nowhere is nonexistent
But I can feel
I feel      I exist
Always we must be somewhere
Somewhere      We must be there

Somewhere could be anywhere
Somewhere is lost
Somewhere is cold
I'd rather be home
I'd rather be alone
I'd rather be home alone
Than lost      gone old

What's wrong with Anywhere?
Anywhere could be the place of dreams
Soothing breezes      Flirtatious beaches
And Thrilling Streams
Anywhere is absolute freedom
Hope is Anywhere
On a Sunday afternoon
That's where you'll go
And I'll be there

I won't leave this place for that
I won't move forward      stay back

Motionless I'll stay
Motionless I'll die
You only see void
Stare too long at the sky

Misjudgment forever yours
Pass through tangled doorways
Locked without doors

Locks to bind
Maps to find
For souls to roam free
Direction must be blind

Then go
Don't look      Don't ask      Don't show
Leave Nowhere for Somewhere      Anywhere
I can't go there
I must go where I feel here