It can be nice Not to Know

It can be nice Not to Know
If you've ever felt the darkness
If you've ever lived without a lie
You know that truths are an ending
The waves of light when they die

Forget about the ending
Forget what you know
Amazement never ending
I want the show

Mysteries unraveled
The torn dreams that we sow
Mysteriously hopeful
I want the show

Questions are our passions
Seeding the boundless soils
The man with only answers
No longer grows from his toils

I've never longed for anything more than possibilities
Actualities weigh heavy on the scales of balance
Possibilities float effortlessly without form
Actualities must obey the rules
Possibilities give no thoughts of the norm

Fateless freedom
Where the map ends
That's where life begins
Beyond borders we shall go
It can be nice not to know