The Night of Tangible Delights

The dark, the night, and the sounds
A wild frenzy of tangible delight
Joy brought from the depths of fright
And courage abounds.

The night brings you life
Hidden behind sight
You appear with a ring and a rhyme
Your path presents itself one doorway at a time
A doorway that brings hope
But hope is not enough
And certainly, one is not enough
Is there ever enough?

Filled to the brim
Unknown temptations from within
Unknown creations brought within
Unknown but for a glance
But a glance is not enough
A pile, a mound, a mountain at your feet
And still it is not enough
Is there ever enough?

A rip, a tear, a rush
Cravings for sensations
Sensational elations
But quick energy quickly dies
And quickly the mountain lies
And quickly the disguises fall
And quickly the night ends for all.